What is the Commonwealth Connector?

The Commonwealth Connector is a 55-mile four-lane, divided, limited-access highway between Prince George County and Suffolk, Virginia that will parallel the existing U.S. Route 460.  The Commonwealth Connector will provide an alternative route for motorists throughout this heavily traveled region of Virginia, featuring open-road tolling.  The existing U.S. Route 460 will remain a non-tolled roadway.

The Commonwealth Connector will include seven interchanges and two termini in Prince George County to the west and the City of Suffolk to the east.

Why Build the Commonwealth Connector?

U.S. Route 460 between the City of Suffolk and Prince George County was named a “high priority corridor” by the Virginia Transportation Act in 2000. Also that year, the General Assembly passed legislation requiring a Public-Private Transportation Act solicitation for improvements to the highway. The location study was completed in 2008 and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a Record of Decision in September 2008.

This extensive review and investigation provided a significant volume of data, support and research for the current Commonwealth Connector Project. These efforts also created a significant amount of public interest and information on the benefits, impacts and goals of such a Project.

  • Improve traffic safety on existing U.S. Route 460;
  • Generate more short- and long-term jobs and enhance economic development opportunities;
  • Accommodate greater freight traffic from the Port of Virginia;
  • Reduce congestion on nearby facilities;
  • Serve as a hurricane evacuation route; and
  • Enhance connections among the region’s military installations.

How Will the Commonwealth Connector Affect Me?



Property owners and local residents along the proposed Commonwealth Connector corridor  need timely information regarding the Commonwealth Connector project.  The Project Team will make every effort to ensure that property owners along the proposed corridor are aware of pre-construction activities, construction activities and property impacts.

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The businesses along the existing U.S. 460 are going to be impacted by construction traffic and activity once construction begins. The Commonwealth Connector is estimated to bring multiple positive economic benefits to the corridor, both immediately and long-term.

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The Commonwealth Connector will provide a safer, faster option for travelers seeking an east/west route through the region. Travelers will have the option to electronically pay a toll to access the new divided highway that will run parallel to the existing U.S. Route 460.

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Our fire and rescue, police, sheriff offices, and Virginia State Police agencies are critical to the success of the Commonwealth Connector. The Project Team is dedicated to creating a network of first responders with whom to share Project information and seek assistance from trained experts.


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