• Safety

    One of US 460 Mobility Partners’ highest priorities is to ensure the safety of the public, our employees and subcontractors, as well as the environment.  Public safety will be integral to the design and construction of the Project.  We will coordinate with local businesses and homeowners to attain proper access to their facilities in order to guarantee the economic viability of the area and residential integrity.  We will also create an environmental program that will establish the approach, requirements and processes for protecting the environment during every phase of Project development.
  • Enhanced regional connectivity

    The existing route is a key link between the Port of Virginia, Interstate 95 and Interstate 85.  U.S. Route 460 has become an important component of one of the major shipping and distribution corridors on the east coast.  In addition, the new corridor will expand the region’s ability to move people when U.S. Route 460 is called upon to serve as an east/west hurricane evacuation route for Virginia and North Carolina.  The new corridor will also enhance connection between military installations and reduce congestion on nearby facilities.
  • Economic improvement

    The Project will provide a significant economic boost through regional productivity; it will create more than 4,000 jobs during construction and 14,000 long-term jobs upon delivery.  It is expected to attract new businesses to the corridor and boost tourism throughout the region.
  • Partnership

    The partner companies of US 460 Mobility Partners are proud to have set the standard for the most superior and advanced roadways in the world.  Comprised of experienced companies Ferrovial Agroman and American Infrastructure, US 460 Mobility Partners, LLC has designed, built, financed, operated and maintained major highways for over 40 years on more than 26 concessions worldwide.  This partnership with VDOT brings together the best of the private and public sectors to deliver an outstanding solution with long-term leaders experienced in delivering and maintaining high-quality, customized solutions for today’s transportation challenges.
  • Choice

    Drivers are spending more time stuck in traffic and less time at a child’s soccer game, family dinners, volunteer activities or simply enjoying time with loved ones.  Hampton Roads is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country.  This new corridor will provide a significant option for moving traffic faster and more safely through the region.  Traveling the new corridor is expected to save a traveler 20 minutes on the average trip from Richmond to Norfolk.  Today, it takes an average of 2 hours and 5 minutes driving the existing U.S. Route 460.  The new U.S. Route 460 should take an hour and 45 minutes.
  • Public involvement

    US 460 Mobility Partners values the partnerships we forge and the transportation solutions we create with local, state and federal officials.  Our experience in designing and building transportation infrastructure throughout the world makes us uniquely aware of the importance of engaging and informing the public and all stakeholders throughout the life of the Project.  Our approach consists of a team commitment to open communication, collaborative problem-solving and exemplary service.  US 460 Mobility Partners supports the VDOT key theme of “no surprises.”  No motorist wants a surprise on the road.
  • Hurricane evacuation route

    The new corridor will expand the region’s ability to move people when Route 460 is called upon to serve as an evacuation route for Virginia and North Carolina. With a population approaching two million residents in the region, additional evacuation routes are critical during times of crisis.